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American Medical Association Votes On Hydroxychloroquine Prevention Order

For months The Gateway Pundit has been reporting factually on the evidence and studies that proved Hydroxychloroquine was effecting in the treatment of COVID-19.

Yale Epidemiology Professor Says Hydroxychloroquine Could Save 100,000 Lives

Despite the Media Lies – Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Can Provide a 50-70% Chance of Recovery from the China Coronavirus

New Hydroxychloroquine Study Vindicates President Trump and Should End Dr. Fauci’s Career at NIAID and in Medicine (VIDEO)

Despite its effectiveness, the American Medical Association (AMA) back in March, at the height of the pandemic in the US criticized hydroxychloroquine and its use.

Dr. Fauci led the jihad against this effective drug.

REPORT: Study Used by Dr. Fauci to Condemn Hydroxychloroquine Use Was Debunked! – But New England Journal of Medicine Will Not Publish This Lifesaving Update!

Well, now that hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead “with the virus” or “because of the virus,” and the election season has ended, the AMA recently voted again on their prevention of HQ.

Here is that statement from their October 30th release

Later during voting the 509 did NOT pass.
It was one of four or five out of dozens that got to a vote but did not pass.
This is unconscienable.

Thousands died because of these hacks.

The AMA kept the rule in place. How awful

Author : Jim Hoft

Source : The Gateway Pundit : American Medical Association Votes on Hydroxychloroquine Prevention Order, Keeps it in Place — How Many People Have Died Because of These Soulless Hacks?

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